Bathing Levels 

During the summer the Club will post the bathing level(s) on the website to let patrons know the current lifeguard staffing during bathing hours.  Please refer to the following explanations for the three levels when you have questions concerning bathing safety.  If you have any questions, please consult the lifeguards before entering the water. 

Level 1

  • Normal operations 
  • Lifeguards at full staff 
  • All bathing areas open 

Level 2

  • Reduced staff
  • Reduced bathing capacity 
  • Bathing areas closed or restricted 

Level 3

  • Lifeguards are OFF DUTY
  • Beach response mode only: 
  • No Water Entry

During the Summer the Lifeguards will use a three color flag system to help bathers swim safely.  Please refer to these flags before entering the water.  Flags are flown near the lifeguard stands.  

Green Flag : No Restrictions 

Yellow Flag : Restricted Bathing – Check with Lifeguards 

Red Flag : No Water Entry