Cabana Staff Requirements 

  • Employees are expected to be available for work on weekends and holidays.  Exceptions must be approved by the management.  Requests should be made either at the time of employment or two weeks prior to leave.  
  • Use of the facilities is based on employment and ceases when employment ends.
  • For hiring purposes applicants who can work full time and can work a full season will be given preference.
  • Staff is responsible for setting up and putting away members chairs and umbrellas and other approved beach belongings
  • Staff is responsible for sweeping boardwalks in the morning and policing Cabana area for garbage not picked up by beach sweeper.
  • Staff is responsible for helping Members move in and out of Cabanas and for assisting members with belongings carried from the boardwalk to Cabanas.
  • Staff is responsible for periodically checking for garbage cans that are full in their area.  Garbage should be dumped and put in the garbage area on Corlies Ave  when needed. Garbage such as broken chairs and umbrellas are not to be left until the end of the day but should be removed as needed. 
  • Staff should be visible at stations at the top of stairs and jetty ramp as well as periodically walking along the boardwalk to see if members need help.
  • Staff needs to maintain Cabana Shack for orderliness and cleanliness as well as keeping track of equipment and supplies.  
  • Staff is responsible for assisting in the set up and take down of entertainment platforms.  
  • Four nights a summer, there will be late nights.  Staff must be willing to cover these shifts.
  • Staff must also work when available after hours for members who wish to stay late. 
  • Staff shall conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.  Any problems with members of the club should be reported immediately to the supervisor. 

if interested please apply using the link below….