1. IDENTIFICATION – NO ONE will be permitted entrance into the Beach Club without being
identified as a member or a guest of a member. Identification points will be set up at each Beach
Club entrance for members’ convenience.

2. GUESTS – Guests MUST be accompanied by a Club member. Guests are permitted into the Club
with Daily Guests passes only – no daily bracelets are permitted. Any member found bringing
a guest into the Beach Club without paying the prescribed fee shall be subject to revocation of
membership  and such guest shall be subject to prohibition of use of the facilities, as well.

3. ENTRANCES – Prior to the opening of the Beach Club, members and guests may line up at the
club entrances. Under no circumstances are members or guests permitted to leave personal
belongings, such as beach bags, towels, etc., as a substitute or in lieu of their presence at any
club entrance, as a means to reserve their place in line for beach club entry. All unattended
items found placed at the entrances shall be removed and turned over to the Allenhurst Police
Department for safekeeping.

4. DAMAGE OR LOSS OF ARTICLES – The Borough of Allenhurst will not be responsible for
damage or loss of equipment, clothing, bathing apparel, or valuables left in any part of the
establishment, whether or not the same has been entrusted to ABC employees or checked with

5. GLASSWARE – Absolutely no bottled goods or glassware may be used at any location around
the pool or deck area.

6. RECYCLING – Members are responsible for using the appropriate receptacles for discarding all
refuse and recyclables as required by Borough ordinance.

7. LOUNGES – Lounges are for the use of all members and guests on a first come basis and may
not be saved or rearranged from one location to another, or from one deck area to another
deck area. Only one lounge shall be permitted per member and guest.

8. CHILDREN – ALL children under the age of 5 years old must be listed on this application and
must have a copy of a birth certificate attached to the application. Children under 12 must be
accompanied by an adult. Parents/guardians are responsible for the conduct of their children
at all times. Unruly and unmanageable children will be asked to leave.

9. KEYS – Each bathhouse will receive two keys for the season. Beach Club staff will be available
to assist you with entrance to your bathhouse as necessary.

10. TRESPASS – Anyone entering the Beach Club unlawfully will be subject to fines per Ordinance

11. PETS – No dogs, pets or other animals are permitted on the ABC property, which includes the

12. KAYAKS – A kayak rack will be available at the rate of $50.00 for the season. Space will be
allocated on a first come, first served basis. There will be a specific marked lane for the
kayakers to use when entering and exiting the ocean. Kayaks remaining after the season’s end will
become property of the Borough.

13. BATHING – Bathers and surfers are forbidden to bathe/surf outside designated areas, or at
such times, when, in the professional opinion of management or lifeguards, ocean bathing is
dangerous or unsafe. Bathing after closing hours is prohibited.

14. DANCES – Summer youth dances are sponsored solely by the ABC and will, therefore, be
strictly limited to ABC members and residents of Borough of Allenhurst.

15. GROUNDS – Members and guests will cooperate in keeping beach, pool areas, grounds
and other ABC facilities in clean condition. Deck, stairs and passageways shall not be
obstructed by members or guests. Anyone defacing or damaging any ABC property,
including but not limited to lockers, cabanas, etc., shall be subject to immediate expulsion
from the Club and prosecution to the full extent of the law. THERE WILL BE NO SMOKING IN THE ENTIRETY OF THE ALLENHURST BEACH CLUB. This includes both the facilities and the beach.  If a member or a guest does not comply, it will result in a $100 fine.

16. WADING POOLS – Children’s wading pools on the beach are not to exceed 52″ in diameter and 11″ in depth. THIS RULE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.

17. NORTH DECK RULES – Gazebo area and chairs only. No saving of lounges. No playpens, cribs, carriages, strollers allowed. No moving of furniture. No food of any kind.

18. SOUTH DECK RULES – No saving of lounges. No playpens, cribs, carriages, strollers
allowed. No moving of furniture. No food of any kind.

19. POOL DECKS – No playpens, cribs, carriages, strollers allowed.

20. FOOD COURTS – All members are allowed to eat in the snack bar food court and the tented food court.

21. BEACH DECK AREA – No toys stored of any kind. All toys shall be stored overnight in the
owner’s locker.

22. DIAPERS – Diaper changing is allowed in the lockers, cabanas, and/or bathrooms only. All diapers must be covered by swimsuits.

23. ADDITIONAL RULES – The management may put into effect, at any time, rules that are considered of benefit to the Beach Club or its patrons.

24. GENERAL CODE OF CONDUCT – The purpose of the foregoing rule is to provide specific
examples of prohibited conduct. In addition to the foregoing rules, each member and their
guests are expected to be respectful and dignified to all staff and fellow members at all
times. The goal of all ABC staff is to provide a peaceful family friendly environment and
appropriate behavior from members and guests is the only way to achieve that goal.
Therefore, loud and/or offensive language and obscene or otherwise inappropriate
behavior is forbidden. Moreover, only the Club management is responsible for instructing
and disciplining staff. Members and guests shall not criticize or denigrate ABC staff in any
way. Although members are encouraged to report immediately to any Club employee any
conditions or actions deemed hazardous to health and safety, complaints by members
about staff behavior and job performance shall be made only to management.
Furthermore, to ensure that such complaints are received and addressed appropriately, all
complaints should be reduced to writing, signed by a member and left with management
or e-mailed to a member of the Board of Commissioners.

25. CANCELLATION OF MEMBERSHIP – The management reserves the right without refund
of any payment to suspend or revoke membership privileges of anyone violating these
rules. This includes resident and non-resident members and guests. Revocation of
membership may be for one day, one week or entire year or for life. Decisions may be
appealed at a regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners.