North Beach from the Boardwalk

Members of the Allenhurst Beach Club have the privilege of bringing guests into the club with the redemption of a guest credit. Each guest, of age 3 or older, requires one guest credit to be permitted into the club.

Before entering the club, all guests must be signed in at one of our main entrances. Members must be present with guests for the entirety of the sign in process. No exceptions. A security staff person will redeem a guest credit from the member’s account for each of the member’s guests. Security will then distribute wristbands that each guest must wear around his/her wrist at all times. The security staff cannot hold onto any wristbands for any member or guest. Wristbands are valid on the date of issue only. Absolutely no refunds.

Members are responsible for their guests’ behavior in the club, and must be present with their guests at all times. The poor behavior of a member’s guests could result in a suspension or revocation in his/her membership.



Members may purchase guest credits at any time. Our new guest passes are all electronic and will be credited to the purchaser’s account on our secure, private server. The security staff has a record of all guest credits purchased and redeemed, and members may ask security to see a record of their account balance at any time.

 1 guest credit…………………………$20

10 guest credits…………………….$150

Holiday Rates

On holiday weekends, the Allenhurst Beach Club operates under our holiday guest credit rates. Holiday weekends will be signified as such on our ABC Calendar. Please refer to the following chart to determine how many credits are necessary for guest admittance.

10:00AM to 3:00PM 3:00PM to Close
Adults Ages 13 and Older 2 Guest Credits 1 Guest Credit
Youths Ages 3 to 12 1 Guest Credit 1 Guest Credit