For the summer season of 2018, the ABC will be opening the membership to non-residents, but only to the persons on the attached non-resident waiting list.  All persons on the attached waiting list who wish to join the ABC should submit an application no later than April 16th. There will be no extensions. Please stop by the Borough Office during regular business hours or call 732-531-2757 to obtain an application.

Please note that these applications may include up to a total of 6 family members on their application but these family members must be either the spouse, children, grandchildren or parents of the principal applicant. Siblings of the principal applicant and their spouse can only be included if there are no parents, children or grandchildren on the application.  Spouses of siblings or children of siblings are not eligible for membership. Cousins or other relatives will also not be considered for membership.

Please note further that for the summer season of 2018, these new members will be charged for a “virtual locker”, which means that no locker will be assigned for the season.  In subsequent seasons, these new members will be assigned lockers as lockers become available or, if the new members are able, they may in subsequent seasons, associate themselves with lockers held by existing members, but this associating will have to be done with the consent of new members.  If a 2018 new member does not receive a locker or does not associate themselves with an existing locker, the virtual locker charge will continue to apply.  The Borough will not be responsible for trying to match new members with existing members who have space in their lockers.

Importantly, please note that the attached non-resident waiting list for membership will be extinguished after the 2018 season and any future new ABC membership applications from non-residents will be handled by a procedure to be determined by the Board of Commissioners.

Most importantly, please note that all Borough of Allenhurst employees have been instructed by the Board of Commissioners not to discuss this new member system.  No Borough employee is authorized to interpret or explain this procedure or otherwise answer any questions regarding same.  Instead, any persons who wish to contest the validity of the attached waiting list will have to come to the next Borough meeting to do so.  Similarly, any questions with regard to this process of adding new members must be placed in writing and sent to  All questions and concerns will then be discussed by the Board of Commissioners at the meetings which are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm.

Finally, the Board of Commissioners recognizes that many existing members have asked to add family and friends to their membership over the years.  The Board has concluded that the persons on this non-resident waiting list must be first offered memberships, but for this year only.  Thereafter, there will be no more “non-resident waiting list”.  Thus, in subsequent years, requests from existing members to add members to their locker or cabana can be handled by a procedure to be determined.  However, for the 2018 season, all new requests by existing members to add new members beyond those with the appropriate familial relation will not be considered unless that request is put in writing and that member appears before the Board of Commissioners.

The Board wishes to stress that that persons with questions or concerns regarding this new membership procedure should not call the Borough offices with questions, but instead all requests and questions must be put in writing and sent to as all questions and requests will only be discussed at Borough meetings.  

The Board of Commissioners

Borough of Allenhurst


1 Gelman Effie
2 Lipton David and Monica
3 Lurie Michelle and Scott
4 Tangorra Drs. Matthew and Rita
5 Cohen Rachel and Steven
6 Abrams-Olson Jessica
7 Tebele Fortune and Jeffrey
8 Malik Robin
9 Perkins R. Todd
10 Hough Steve and Karon
11 Davis Barbara Brown
12 Twigg David
13 Theodora Amy
14 Imperiale Mark
15 Gerber Ed
16 Kopp Nancy
17 Kochenash Jack and Pat
18 Altschuler Michael
19 Gindi Emily
20 Samilow Debbie
21 Neely Deborah and John Trutko
22 Murphy Amy
23 Morin Jaime
24 Saka Raymond and Camille
25 Cohen Adele and Jeff
26 Klaus Howard
27 Luthin Catherine
28 Jackson Heidi and Earl G IV
29 Shmrock-Kmecz Christana
30 Orescovich Chrissy
31 Milano Mimma
32 Parent Michael
33 Raynor Doug
34 Therssen Randall
35 Harley Nancy Musto
36 Arvanitis Mary
37 Morgan Allen and Hagit
38 Kirschner Nancee
39 Natale John F.
40 Gil Eric
41 Demillo Ernabel
42 Alto Carole
43 Morgan Allen, Dr.
44 Corcione Ashley
45 Morgan Steven
46 Lehman Dawne
47 Kraft Barbara
48 Canfield Deborah
49 Ades Doreen
50 Tint Alexandra
51 Kaye Sarah
52 Gerber Ed
53 Policastro Megan
54 Morgan Glen
55 Delia Carol and David
56 Braniff Melissa
57 Mimnaugh Lisa and Tom
58 Garfunkle Linda
59 Emery Tarra
60 Rutledge Linda
61 Zola Michael and Melissa
62 Tacy Patty
63 Fornicola Caroline