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Beach Club

Allenhurst Beach Club

Family Application


Allenhurst Beach Club

Family Application

Facility Number:
Family Name
2nd Family Name
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State: NJ, NY, PA etc
Local Address 1:
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Home Phone:
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  • If renting in Allenhurst, certificate of Occupancy must be in place by 3/1/17 to join club and get residential rates.
  • Please reserve a kayak space. (All kayaks must be removed by 9/5/17 or they will become property of Borough)
  • I shared a facility last season, but wish to have my own bathhouse this season.

    ***This Application is not valid until signed by Principal Applicant***

    Ordinance #2015-03 limits each facility to two families.
    Each Family consists of no more than three generations, (grandparent, parent, child).
    You may add extra members to your facility, but there will be an additional fee of $250.00 assessed per member.
    There is a maximum limit of eight persons per bathhouse and 10 persons per cabana.

Members - add members in your locker. Please group families together.

  Resident First name: Last name: Address: City: St: Zip: Phone: Email: Direct Relationship
to Principal
ex: 4/17/06
1 Yes
#mn# Yes


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